Does it cost to use?


Does it cost to list your products?

Nope. We encourage you to share your products with our database. If you need help to do so, just ask.

What is the product ranking (5 stars)?

The 5 star product rank that is displayed on the material page is a tool to aid in comparing one product to a similar product. A product rank of 5 stars means it is the most used product of it's category.

Products are ranked higher when design professionals interact and use the product through various methods such as: adding the product to a custom library, using the product in a sample board, visiting the material page, and favoriting sample boards that contain that product.

How do I make my own material library?

As you search through thousands of architectural materials,. you can cultivate your own material library. Every material can be book marked for later reference. Be sure to register as a user so your actions are saved.

From an existing material library
  1. Click the expand icon in the top left corner -
  2. Click Favorite Material
From the material's page
  1. Click the expand icon in the top left corner -
  2. Click Favorite Material

How do I upload your own material?

In the top navigation tap or hover 'Materials', than click 'Upload Material'. Start with the basic information. The more then better. Click 'continue' and add variants, which are for example different colors, varieties or sizes of the same material.

Browse other material boards:

Need inspiration for a project? Browse our existing material boards to find something you love.

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